Pourquoi le réquisitoire du pape François contre le capitalisme agace les libéraux

Parce qu’en dénonçant la perversité de la finance mondiale, «la loi du plus fort» au nom de la compétitivité, il bouscule la «doctrine sociale» de l’Eglise vieille de plus d’un siècle. 

Dans un document appelé «exhortation apostolique», qu’il a rendu public le 26 novembre à Rome sous le titre «La joie d’évangéliser» [PDF], le pape François se livre à une féroce dénonciation du capitalisme et du libéralisme économique.

Preuve d’un changement de priorité dans l’Eglise, il ne consacre que quelques lignes au mariage homosexuel, alors qu’il trace, en quelques pages serrées et bien senties, un bilan implacable de la situation économique mondiale.

Suite de l’article par Henri Tinck sur Slate.fr

Une Réponse

  1. Everybody, who wants to protect capitalism, is going against Christ and his teaching. Kingdom of God – we shell seek first- capitalism is not that- just the opposite- exploitation, greed, injustice.Francis-our pope is gentle- I am not- capitalism ruined my life and my children’s- I see everyday dead hearts, of many- unfortunately Christians too- who are letting others die from hunger, abandonment- than will share or help. I haven’t seen this in the countries where there was not capitalism before- but than when it came everything changed,, people started be greedy and lost their senses. It is a disaster – people act like without souls., worse than wolves. And life of many masses is only going worse daily.Rich do not care and poor can’t help themselves. I live with my disabled husband with our 4 children-poor, abandoned. Everybody’s health is worsening fast. I am alone for all the duties, responsibilities- not one catholic ever reached and help.- in 20 years. I feel like a leper- while many people from our church have lucrative businesses, travel, have couple of huge houses, lead luxurious lifestyles with personal trainers. But would not help, support, become light for us. How is that no one hears my voice and takes me seriously- when they are able to do it easy. But than people are going to warm countries to missions-but they do not see one person in the pew near them to help. that is just dishonest- just hypocracy.People are leaving our church, because is dead and nobody see the other- there is no community. This is not as Christ said- love each other as I loved you- people are laughing in God’s face! It is horrible!And it is the product of capitalism. God is not first- but people made themselves sitting on the thrones in their hearts and they pushed Christ out- they do not care about Him at all. They have no eyes, or ears, or hearts. Tasteless salt- good only to throw away- because is useless. So why do they fake to be followers of God- they can’t fool God. Why rather say and acknowlegged the reality- they are not Christians.Their lifestyle is witness to it. They live according the world- their everyday deeds prove that to them. It is just honest calling yourself what you are. Yes, I am angry and sad- because injustice, that kills innocent. People that eat 3 x more that they should, have no will power, or discipline…120 million African families can be fed with money that people in America spent on the dieting ONLY- never mind on food, they eat or throw away, pets, junk, they do not NEED need. That is a crime- the highest crime- while others are starving! Why does Church doesn’t petition and presure government to increase disability payment, minimum wage and children benefits- food banks are not enough. But making proper changes that improve and safe lives of many – that is what believers should do- not watch junk movies.For example- minimum wage in BC is $10.25- while living wage is $19.90. There are 900 000 poor there- so around 1/5 of the BC population- with 60% Christians. And this province has the highest differences between poor and rich. Church is there to act- and is not acting! Al the women’s leagues are not bringing this subject up to government- guess why- they are rich and feel good – they have no problems how to survive daily!
    But I want to say this too- I love the Church- as the institution, I love Christ- but many believers do not follow him and have lukewarm hearts.I know there are those who care. But not majority.I know Christ is weeping- and I do it with Him.

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